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On2 Homes is brought to you by Oakwood Homes

Your new home is a product of excellent architecture combined with skilled workmanship and quality materials. We are justifiably proud of your new home and feel our emphasis on quality will provide you a home of increasing value and enjoyment through the years.

One Year On2 Homes Customer Care Program

Once you close, you will begin the On2 Homes Customer Care Program for the first year you live in your home. This program covers workmanship and material defects but does not include any cosmetic items. On2’s Customer Care program is administered by Shazam Home Services, a division of Oakwood Homes.

Eight Year Home Builder’s Limited Warranty

The eight (8) year Home Builder’s Limited Warranty is administered by Professional Warranty Service Corporation (PWSC). The eight-year PWSC warranty covers major construction defects to your home. A copy of the PWSC warranty can be found at the end of the Homeowner Guidebook and it will be provided to you at your closing.

Warranty Concerns

Shazam Home Services will contact you around 30 days after closing to check-in. At this time, Shazam will schedule your first Home Visit. At this appointment, Shazam technicians will be able to identify warranty related concerns and review important homeowner maintenance items to help care for your new home. At 10 months after closing, Shazam will contact you to schedule your final Home Visit. At this appointment, Shazam technicians will address any warranty related concerns. If you have a warranty related needs outside of these times, please fill out a service request on Shazam’s website here.

Emergency Warranty Issues

In the event of an emergency in your home, please contact Shazam directly at (303) 486-8900. You may be instructed to contact the appropriate vendor directly using the phone numbers located on the Emergency Contact Sticker which is located under your kitchen sink on the back of the cabinet door; a Customer Care associate will assist you in these situations. An Emergency Warranty Issue consists of one of the following:

1. Total loss of heat
For loss of heat please verify the furnace power switches are in the ON positions and that the filter is clean.

2. Total loss of electricity to your home only
For loss of electricity please verify all breakers are on and not tripped and that only your home is affected; if your neighbor’s power is also out it is likely due to a utility outage in the area.

3. Total loss of water or a major water intrusion event (flooding)
In the event of water intrusion or a leak, you should immediately shut off the main water supply line to the house. Your builder will identify the location and label this for you.

4. Sewer backup in mainline
A backup in one sink or toilet does not constitute an emergency.


The kitchen and laundry appliances (if applicable) that came with your On2 Home are warranted by their respective manufacturers. You will find registration cards for each appliance in the kitchen drawers or with the appliance which should be mailed in or registered online as soon as you move into your home. For warranty issues concerning these appliances please contact the manufacturer directly.