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Building the Future of Homeownership

Our innovative processes ensure we’re building affordable homes that last a lifetime. Discover why our team loves building the homes you’ll fall in love with.

Pride in Precision

Built on a foundation of quality materials, innovative practices, and passionate team members.

Our talented, hardworking team is united under the common goal to make beautiful homes for people of all walks of life. We ensure our teams are supported by managers who listen, provided a safe working environment, and work with tools and materials that meet our rigorous quality assurance standards, so your home is built by people you can trust using a process they can trust.

Crafted with Care

Built with careful attention to quality craftsmanship and thoughtful design, these homes offer an opportunity for affordable living in Denver.


Before we begin each build, we meticulously plan every phase of the construction process offsite. This optimizes the number of builders for each home and makes sure every step is executed with maximal efficiency.


We source and precision-cut every component we use—from the studs and drywall to the shingles. By ensuring each piece is carefully measured, not only do we reduce the number of seams and structural weaknesses in a home, we’ve brought our construction waste down to 1%.


By controlling each step of the process in our own facilities, we can stack tasks, adhere to tight schedules, continuously perform QA, and adhere to sustainable, low-waste building practices.


Once a home is complete, it undergoes a rigorous inspection to guarantee that it’s up to code, carefully sealed, and each component is properly constructed.


Careful planning combined with an efficient construction process allows us to decrease production time. On2 homes are delivered and completed onsite approximately 75% faster than other production built homes.


Each build continues to inform the next, improving our processes, increasing efficiency, and making our builds greener. Our goal to continue to expand our facilities based on our learnings so we can produce more sustainable On2 homes for you.

Innovation, meet Style!

Ready to meet your new home? Explore our layouts to find the perfect fit for your lifestyle.

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